Crossing Time/ Fumikiri Jikan

Crossing Time or Fumikiri Jikan is a short, simple, feel good anime. These almost 4 minute episodes show various characters at railroad crossings and what they do and talk about while waiting for the train to pass.

borage family

In this anime, you will get to experience conversations between a brother and sister that only communicate via text messaging, a girl dressed in Gothic Lolita clothing hoping not to be seen in her hometown, a man who fell in love at the railroad stop, and a few others. Some of these were funny, some were wholesome and some were a bit sad but they were all fantastic.


Since it’s such a short anime with short episodes, there isn’t too much to say. It’s a super quick and enjoyable watch though!

If you’ve seen it let me know what you thought! I’d love to see more anime like this. If you guys have suggestions for anime similar to this (short, feel good episodes) please let me know here or on facebook!



My Hero Academia

All Izuku Midoriya wanted in life was to have a quirk like everyone else. He wanted to be a great hero like his idol, All Might.

In a world where about 80% people have a unique ability called a ‘quirk’, you’re a bit of an outcast to be without one. Izuku was one of those outcasts.

However, despite being bullied, Young Midoriya kept his head held high and still dreamed of being a hero one day. He spent his time studying and analyzing the abilities that both heroes and villains had.

Even though he envied his friends for having quirks and was bullied a lot, he still looked up to one of them: Bakugo Katsuki.

Bakugo, or Kaa-chan as Midoriya calls him, was always a very angry child.

Even still, Midoriya looked up to him because of his ability to handle his quirk and his charisma. Bakugo always wanted to be first so he was always the first to jump into a leadership role (though not in the best way) and take on trouble.

One day Bakugo gets captured by a villain that his quirk does nothing against. Even though Midoriya didn’t have a quirk, he couldn’t just stand by and watch his friend get hurt. He jumps right into the fight.

Dream hero to both Midoriya and Katsuki, and number one hero, All Might quickly rushes in to save the day.

After some discussion between Midoriya and All Might, it’s revealed that All Might can transfer his quirk, One for All, to other people. All Might offers this to a quirk-less Midoriya stating that he believes Midoriya to be a worthy successor.

After vigorous physical as well as mental training, All Might feels as though Midoriya is now ready to inherit his quirk.

Midoriya accepts this responsibility, inherits One for All and continues his journey by applying to his dream school: UA.

After seeming to have failed the practical portion of his entrance exam, Midoriya manages to gain acceptance into UA. This is due to Midoriya using his quirk to save the life of Uraraka Ochaco and Uraraka going to the judges to ask if she could split her points with him.

From there begins an even more difficult journey for Deku. He must learn to deal with school life, how to properly become an hero and how to harness the incredible power that is within himself.

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While this series seems to be focused on Izuku Midoriya, there is so much development that is seen in other characters as well. That has been one of my favorite things about My Hero Academia so far. Just within 3 seasons, we have seen so many back stories, so many reasons for wanting to be heroes, compromises, learning to work together and growth from many characters.

I’ll be completely honest. I mentioned this in a (780) 727-8921 as well, I did not like My Hero Academia at all during the first few episodes. I pushed through it though and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

561-784-4846 is full of sad moments, funny scenes, intense and frustrating scenes, and all out wholesome scenes.

I think one of the main reasons I really began to enjoy this anime is because it reminds me of my favorite Marvel hero: Iron Man. Iron Man has always been my favorite because you have to watch him struggle to get somewhere. Iron Man doesn’t just get injected with something and suddenly become strong. He gets hurt, beat up, fails at times yet he keeps trying to learn from his mistakes.

Midoriya is very similar. He starts out being a weak and whiny child but then he sees a goal and works toward it. You watch him build up his weak vessel of a body so that it can handle One for All. He sweats, stresses and struggles. Most importantly though, you really seem him face this once he actually has One for All and is still learning to harness it’s true power.

One for All wreaks havoc on young Midoriya’s body until he learns exactly how to turn on it’s limits. He breaks bone after bone in his body and has to endure the pain. That to me is a sign of a true hero. You can see their mortality in a sense.

Even if you’re not a fan of the super hero genre, I highly recommend that you give My Hero Academia a good chance. There is so much growth seen. So many episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

If you’ve seen 786-925-5185 so far, do you like it? Are you excited for the upcoming (254) 640-3464 and movie? Let me know here or on 201-321-8538!

I’m super hyped for this game!

Thanks for reading! PLUS ULTRA!!

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Hi, hi! Welcome to day 26 of the Anime Challenge! Today’s topic is : Best Fight!

I’m going to get right to it. The best fight that I have ever seen in an anime is the fight between Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Muscular in My Hero Academia.

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Midoriya jumped right in to save Kota’s life. Kota hated heroes and quirks so much due to the deaths of his parents. He made sure Deku knew that. Despite this, Deku tried his best to make friends with Kota.


He had managed to stumble upon Kota’s secret hiding place at one point and when there was danger and he realized that Kota wasn’t around, he knew just where to go.

When Deku arrived he immediately realized that Kota was in danger. He went well beyond his power limit in order to make sure that he was able to save the young boy. Deku knew this would be a risk to himself and that he would be badly injured. Despite this, Deku persisted because he knew it was his job as a friend and as a hero.


The reason I feel this is the best fight is not only because of Deku’s willingness to risk his life for a stranger who hated him. This became my favorite fight when it looked like Deku was going to lose. A rush of emotions came about as he apologized to his mother and All Might while facing death. This had me in tears.

(812) 284-2261

I love the emotion that comes out of this anime.

Midoriya wants so badly to protect everyone and constantly risks the use of his own body to do so. You see his constant struggles and willingness to push forward.  You also get to see how much a situation like this can seriously hurt a parent. As a parent myself, I totally understand these feelings.

What do you feel is the best fight in an anime? Let me know here or on facebook!

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Hi, hi! Welcome to day 25 of the (971) 355-6314! Today’s topic is: Saddest Anime Death!

Okay, this one is the hardest one so far because I don’t want to seem heartless by thinking one death is more sad than another. There are also plenty of anime deaths that I have yet to see.

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The first anime death that comes to my mind that hit me super hard though is Ushio Okazaki from Clannad.

It was sad enough to see (321) 394-9164 die, but to see Ushio as a young child die was absolutely traumatizing.

I expected to see 9496105266 die in the series once I learned of her illnesses. It’s something that happens often enough in anime but you don’t often see a child die like that. I ugly cried so hard for so long after that.

Even though, in the anime, no one died permanently, there were more than one depressing deaths. There was Fuko Ibuki, there was Yukine Miyazawa’s brother, Kotomi’s parents, Nagisa and Ushio.


For a slice of life anime that I expected to be more school oriented, Clannad made me cry a lot.

What was the saddest anime death for you? Let me know here or on facebook!

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Hi, hi! Welcome to day 24 of the Anime Challenge! Today’s topic is: Moment that shocked me the most!

I would say with nearly every book I’ve read or every show or movie that I’ve seen, there has been enough foreshadowing for me to take good guesses at what will happen.


However, not with Shuffle! That anime threw me for such a loop.

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Shuffle! is a harem anime so of course I had my one best girl I was rooting for the whole time *cough*Nerine*cough* but the other girls had great qualities too. I’m not sure I could pick a second favorite character in all honesty.

Shuffle! seemed like a nice, simple, ecchi, harem anime. The girls were constantly competing for Rin’s attention. It had typical harem episodes like girls making him food. Because of this, everything was what I expected it to be just with it’s own little character changes and quirks and twists.

However, what I did not know nor did I see coming was that Kaede was an absolute psychopath. I thought she was just the typical jealous girl. I didn’t think she’d absolutely snap and go after poor Asa like she did. With this sudden outburst, I can only imagine the fear poor Asa would have felt being suddenly attacked and screamed at like that on top of being told to just die.

It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I can understand why Kaede snapped, not that I condone it. I just 9785279862!

The incident with Kaede isn’t the only thing in this anime that shocked me though! It’s an excellent anime and I would really like to play the visual novel someday as well. I highly recommend (281) 845-9719 to you if you have not seen it.

So, what is an anime that had a scene that shocked you the most or that you just didn’t see coming? Let me know here or on 4045753413!

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Hi, hi! Welcome to day 23 of the 9792877926! Today’s topic is: Favorite Attack!

There are so many to choose from with all of the different mahou shoujo, fighting, fantasy style and mech anime out there. There is one specific attack that stands out and comes to my mind immediately though.

It’s when Pixy Misa turns Ryoko and Ayeka into Love Love Monsters in the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OVA!

I loved the Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo series so much but my favorite part while watching these was the Pretty Sammy OVA I saw while watching Tenchi Muyo.

It was such a fun OVA and it was interesting to see all of these characters in a different setting and some playing different roles.

The reason I chose this ‘attack’ is that I love that it’s unconventional. She didn’t turn them into horrible monsters to destroy everything in their paths. It was just silly.

What is your favorite attack from an anime? Let me know here or on facebook!

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Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 22 of the 639-836-9767! Today’s topic is: Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor!

I thought really hard about writing about weapons or magic wands/items that magical girls use, but I really couldn’t think of any that were super amazing or that stood out. Not from what I’ve seen anyway. But then I remembered Death Note!

Light, Misa and any other Death Note users have one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons out there.

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All it takes for a wielder of a Death Note is to know a persons name and to picture their face when writing their name in the democratism.

Not only can they kill a person with a Death Note, they can also choose how the person dies.

Some people would use this weapon for revenge and some would use it for justice.


Either way, it’s an extremely dangerous and powerful weapon. Most weapons, people have to be face to face to use but with a Death Note, the user can stay hidden away at all times.


What would you say is your favorite weapon, gear or armor from an anime? Let me know in the comments here or on facebook!

Thanks for reading!


Favorite Goofy Character

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 21 of the (904) 645-5159! Today’s topic is: Favorite Goofy Character!

There are lots of simple, comedic or even dramatic anime that have goofy characters. My favorite, though, comes from a more serious anime. It’s a slice of life anime that’s pretty simple but has it’s sad moments as well.

My favorite goofy character has to be Ibuki Fuko from Clannad.

(717) 829-5868

Fuko has a pretty depressing back story. Despite this though, she remains cheerful and happy. She’s a bit ditsy which makes her super fun and silly though.

I can relate to Fuko on a certain level too. Her love for starfish is on par with my love for maids. Wait, did someone say maids?

Fuko’s theme also helps bring to life her personality and humor.

Seriously, though, how could anyone resist a cute ‘magical’ starfish girl who does the ‘Thriller’ dance and refers to herself in third person?!

Fuko may be a silly or goofy character in my opinion but that doesn’t stop her from being a great friend as well. She is generous and does her best to make the people she loves most happy.

Now that I’m thinking back on it, I can’t think of a character in Clannad that I don’t like! I’ve written about well-decided, palaeostriatum, and Furukawa Akio. My first tattoo was even a Clannad one!

Which anime character is your favorite ‘goofy’ character? Let me know here or on (401) 925-0598!

Thanks for reading!


I was at my local comic shop recently and saw a graphic novel called (802) 276-0455 vol. 1 written by Ryouichi Yokohama and illustrated by Manmaru Uetsuki.


This is no world for a magical girl!

Pretty Angel NirBrave was once the spirited magical girl heroine of a cult TV show. But when an anime director’s computer goes on the fritz, it brings Pretty Angel NirBrave out of the screen and into our world! With bills and bullies to face, it’ll take more than a sparkly transformation and a frilly skirt to get by in “real” life.

That’s what the description on the back had written and it immediately sounded great to me so I grabbed it and bought it.

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Anime Character That Gets on My Nerves

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 20 of the Anime Challenge! Today’s topic is: Anime Character That Gets on My Nerves.

I feel like these ones are always dangerous territory. I never want to offend anyone.

In all honesty, if I hadn’t seen past the first few episodes of (304) 705-7812, I would have said Izuku Midoriya. I did keep watching though and that is no longer the case. (I have never seen a character grow as much as he has. ❤)  There is one character though that I feel didn’t grow up, whined way too much and bothered me throughout the entire series and that is Orihime Inoue from 914-771-8596.

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Now, I know I have already used a character from Bleach in this series of posts but, I find her REALLY annoying.

I really don’t care for the whole damsel in distress style character and that is what Orihime was. Yes, she did battle and fight for her friends but it was always that dramatic, “Oh no! What do I do? I have to talk myself through this entire thing!” and that just got on my nerves I guess. That is one reason I can’t stand to watch distortion 😂 They talk themselves through literally everything.

I may also find Orihime a bit annoying because I may still be a bit salty that Ichigo didn’t end up with Rukia. 😢

What about you guys? Which character or characters do you find to be super annoying? Let me know here or on facebook!

Thanks for reading!